REQUIEM - for choir and solo cello

with organ or string ensemble, optional percussion, soprano and baritone soloists

Requiem is my first major composition and most frequently performed work. Far from being inspired by, or in memory of, a lost loved one, I wrote the majority of it in the months following the birth of my son. I hope this brings an optimistic, affirming and uplifting mood to the music.

I was determined to avoid any cliches of angelic harps or fires of hell, and chose to take a more human and earthly approach - something more akin to the Requiems of the middle ages and Renaissance. Much of the writing is in the manner of Gregorian chant, with numerous melodic ‘threads’ woven together into a rich tapestry of sound.

The solo cello became a vital part of the music from some of the earliest drafts, providing a counterpoint of light against dark. Whenever the choir are singing about loss or sorrow, the cello sings a song of hope and comfort.

"A most beautiful thing... I find myself entranced by the openness of this music" Paul Carr

"Astonishing textures... if I didn't have the score in front of me, I'd be asking 'just how does he do that?', such is the originality of the music" Simon Dunbavand

"Mesmerising" Robin Stubbs

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